We Appreciate Your Referrals!

We appreciate your referrals

Your referrals are extremely important to us! We work hard to earn each referral and hope to take care of your friends and family with the same care, respect and appreciation that we have had for you.

As a way of saying thank you, we have recently kicked off a new referral program that gives to you, as well as back to the community.

Each time someone calls us for a quote and mentions that you referred them, you will be mailed a $10 Amazon gift card. Don’t worry if your friend forgets to drop your name, we will also ask if anyone referred them! In addition to the gift card, you will be entered in to our quarterly referral drawing. If you are selected as our winner for that quarter, we will make a charitable donation to your favorite charity. If you are chosen as the winner, we hope you will join us to deliver the check!

Each quarter we will make an announcement on Facebook, letting everyone know who won and what charity they chose to donate to.

Lemonade for Life – 2016

(Pictured: Matt Gladieux, Bill Etscorn and Peter Hutchins)