Summer vacation time is here! Most people have a checklist when they are going on a trip. They want to remember things like swim suits, sun screen, etc. They want to remember things that will make their trip awesome! It is also smart to have a checklist to help prevent bad things from happening while you are on your trip. An Insurance Claim can be one of those things. While your insurance company will prevent you from having a major financial loss, a claim can still be costly. You have to pay your deductible and then worry about your premium increasing or even worse, getting non-renewed!

No need to fret though! I have compiled a short and simple list of a few things you can do to prevent a costly insurance claim from spoiling your Summer Vacation Memories!

  1. Turn off the water going to the house if going for extended time. If you have a pipe leak or your hot water heater bursts while you are gone, it can cause major water damage which often leads to large insurance claims. Remember, you don’t want to come home from vacation to a house full of water!
  2. Close all your window blinds and have a neighbor or family member collect mail. Thieves look for signs that people are not home. If they see mail or newspapers piling up, this could be inviting to them. You also want to make sure they can’t see in the windows to see valuables. Alarms are great, but if they see something they could take quick, they may try it!
  3. If you are renting a car, your insurance will cover it like it is your own. If you have full coverage on your auto insurance, it will provide full coverage to the rent-a-car with your deductible applying. This saves you money by not having to buy the extra insurance the rent-a-car company can provide. With this said, treat the car like it is your own car. Lock it up, park in well-lit areas, and don’t leave items in full sight in the car. Also, when picking up a rent-a-car, make sure to do a thorough examination of the car for any existing damage so that when you turn it in, you are not blamed for it!

Remember if you have any questions or you are not sure of your coverages, you can always call your Licensed Insurance Agent and they will be glad to answer your questions.

Have a Great, Claim-Free Summer!